Off topic: What have I been working on?

I’ve got a number of requests from readers on what I have been working on that has been taking me away from Bakken coverage. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with oil stocks or even the financial sector. I’ve started a mobile media company, KadaMedia that focused on iPad and iPhone apps & games. We have got a few nifty apps on the app store and its been a fun experiment thus far. If you have an iphone, please feel free to download a game or two. More information is listed at Some of our latest titles include HourClash and HourClash Halloween Edition. I’ve also been working on a novel that is akin to some of the Wall Street thrillers of recent past. It deals with an hedge fund trader who gets himself into a lot of trouble and then goes to extraordinary measures to try to bail himself out. There is even a reference or two to the Bakken region :) I may post a chapter online in the next week or two for your reading enjoyment.
I am debating creating an iphone app to track Bakken developments, but not sure there is a market for it.
Have a good weekend! We’ll actually have an article that is on-topic posted in the next few days.